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From the North:
Take 93 South to Exit 14. Take a right at the bottom of the ramp onto Loudon Road/Centre Street. Turn left onto N. Main Street at the first large intersection. Proceed down Main Street approximately ½ mile. The theater is on your left, after Pleasant Street. Parking details below.

From the South:
Take 93 North to Exit 13. Take a left at the end of the ramp, cross under the highway and continue north on Main Street. The theater is approximately 1 mile north, on your right-hand side. Parking details below.

From the West:
Take 89 South to the Concord exit, onto 93 North and follow directions above for “From the South.”

From the East:
Take Route 4 West onto I-393 toward Concord. I-393 ends at North Main Street. Turn left, go approximately 1 ½ miles down Main Street. The theater will be on your left just after the Pleasant Street traffic light.


There is limited 3-hour and metered parking on Main Street in front of the theater. There is a 510-space municipal parking garage on Storrs Street, just behind the theater. Storrs Street runs parallel to Main Street, on its eastern side. Red River Theatres’ entrance can be accessed from the parking garage on level L1.

To reach Storrs Street coming from the south end of Main Street, turn right onto Storrs Street at the intersection shortly after the Dunkin Donuts, about ¼ mile before the theater. The parking garage will be on your left, across from the shopping plaza.

To reach Storrs Street from North Main Street, turn left onto the Pleasant Street Extension (1/2 block north of the theater). At the bottom of the hill, turn right and the garage will be immediately to your right.

The Parking Garage has Parking Kiosks that are similar to the ones  in Downtown Concord. The garage is enforced Mon – Fri from 8 AM – 7 PM, at a rate of $.50/hr. Mon – Fri after 7 PM and weekends are Free.

When parking in the garage, there is public parking only on the first two floors of the garage. All other spots are reserved. If a spot is marked as reserved, you will not be able to pay for the spot and you may receive a ticket. If you have questions about the parking garage, please give us a call at 603-224-4600, or reach out to the City of Concord Parking Enforcement at 603-225-8640.

Paying for Parking in the Garage:  When you pull into a parking spot in the garage note the number marking that designated spot.  This number will  be entered into one of the parking kiosks located near the exits of  the garage.  After entering your number into the Kiosk you will press #.  Then you will have the option of paying for your spot.  The Kiosk accepts two methods of payment:  a Credit or Debit Card (Visa or Master Card) and change (Cash is not accepted).

Credit or Debit Cards – Insert your card according to diagram depicted on Kiosk, remove card quickly and the Kiosk will take a moment to register the card.  After it registers the card it will allow you to hit one of three designated buttons to allot time to your parking space.  There is a $.50 button, a $1.00 button, and a Max button.  Remembering that it is $.50/hr you will enter the estimated time that you will be staying in the garage,  the Kiosk automatically charges a $1.00 which is 2 hours(only when paying with a card) keep this in mind when adding time to your spot .  After doing so you will press the print receipt button. This is your receipt (which does not need to be placed on your dashboard).

Change – $.50/hr, enter the amount of change that will cover the time you will  be in garage. When finished press print receipt button.   This is your receipt (which does not need to be placed on your dashboard).

Elevator Access to Red River Theatres

From Main Street:
Travel the bricked pathway to the left of the marquee that runs along side the Capital Commons and above the theater’s entrance.  Enter into the elevator (marked *PL).  Take the elevator to L1, and enter into Red River Theatres via the glass doors and then the gray steel doors.

From the parking garage:
The Theater can be immediately accessed from the parking garage at Level 2.  Go through the doors and around the back of the elevator shaft to level G2.  Enter the elevator and take it up a half flight to Level L1.  Enter into Red River Theatres via the glass doors and then the gray steel doors.

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