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Pioneers of Queer Cinema (Triple Feature!)

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Marvelous new restorations of three “Way ahead of their time!” German classics.  Special repertory ticket pricing: $15.00 for all three titles.


In German with English subtitles

At an oppressive all-girl boarding school, a sensitive student (Hertha Thiele) and a compassionate teacher (Dorothea Wieck) form an illicit relationship.  When their feelings for each other are openly revealed, the headmistress (Emilia Unda) intervenes with nearly tragic results.  A highly acclaimed and once controversial landmark drama directed by Leontine Sagan.

MICHAEL (NR/1924/93 min.)
German intertitles with English subtitles

The lives of an aging, famous gay painter (Benjamin Christensen) and his young model/lover (Walter Slezak) are disturbed by a beautiful princess (Nora Gregor).  The model initially abandons his mentor, but their relationship is far from over.  Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, MICHAEL is considered a milestone in adult cinema—being one of the first films to deal with homosexuality.

VICTOR AND VICTORIA (NR/1933/100 min.)
In German with English subtitles

While a cross-dressing performer (Hermann Thimig) is ill, an aspiring singer (Renate Muller) takes his place and gains success at a Berlin cabaret by pretending to be a female impersonator.  Complications arise when she, now publicly passing as a man, falls in love with a talent agent (Anton Walbrook).  This gender-bending musical comedy offers most of its dialog cleverly in verse and has stylish Busby Berkeley-like production numbers.

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